Whether you are remodeling an existing vacation property or have just made a vacation property purchase, we are here to help you maximize your rental income and occupancy potential by transforming the space into a welcoming spot for potential vacationers!

When you enlist us for an Airbnb Consultation and Do-It-Yourself Report we will give you expert advise on how to turn your property into a true income generator and stand out above the competition.

We know how designing and decorating your home for impactful photography while at the same time thinking about the guest experience can to be a lot to think about. But getting it right and creating that "home away from home" feel will quickly turn itself into positive ratings.... and positive ratings mean higher occupancy and less down time!

Here is what you will get!

  • We can take the stress out of the process from the very beginning! When you book your Airbnb Consultation this is what will happen:

  • We will meet with at the property to discuss your personal design vision, while providing industry expertise on what guests are looking for in your area.

  • We will walk through your property to assess guest first impression, overall decoration and photo opportunities and suggested use and function for the space.

  • We will provide you a list of suggested improvements and repairs - this will include guidance with paint colors and overall concept

  • All of this will be compiled in an easy to understand report that will be emailed to you so you can take the first step towards earning rental income.

How else can we help?

  • After the initial consultation we can leave you with our recommendations or we can take the project off your hands and leave you go about your usual business and take comfort in the knowledge that you are being looked after by the experts!

  • We offer full design and installation services which can include:

  • Paint colors (we can recommend tradesman if needed)

  • Furniture sourcing, purchasing and installation

  • Decor sourcing, purchasing and installation

  • Photography

  • Creating your marketing profile for Airbnb

  • Create an Instagram worthy focal point to allow guests to do your marketing for you! (why do the hard work yourself if you don't have to right?)

Consultations are 1 - 2 hours and range from $175 - $300 depending on the size of the project