Home Staging - Vacant Property                                                             

Whether you are a savvy house flipper, a realtor or even a home owner you should be aware of the benefits of staging an empty property. Most sellers would prefer a quicker sale or multiple offers and staging can play an important role in making that happen. We can bring in furniture and decor accessories to help an empty house feel like a home!

Four Reasons to Stage a Vacant Home

1. Creating emotional appeal

Ever wondered why home builders spend thousands of dollars on filling a home with furniture and every detail down to fake cocktails on the lanai? Its because home buyers are led by not only their pocket but by their emotional reaction. Walking into a living room and being able to imagine relaxing with your feet up or creating a spa like feel in a master bedroom will have the buyer experiencing the need to live in the home. Empty rooms conjure up zero emotion and make it very hard for the buyer to get excited.

2. It is hard to judge the size of empty rooms

Without furniture as a frame of reference, it is hard to tell what will fit in a room. Is there enough room for a king size bed?  Can i get a big enough table in the kitchen for my family? Being able to show how furniture can be placed is also important, particularly if a room is small or is an irregular shape, or has an abundance of doors, windows or architectural details. Contrary to popular belief, an empty room  will appear smaller than it actually is!

3. Making the room function obvious

Whether a buyer is viewing the online profile or actually standing in the home it is very important to make the function of a room obvious. Many homes have rooms that are ambiguous in their usage and this can be off putting to a buyer with no vision. Is it an office, a den, or a bedroom? Demonstrating the use of a room helps the buyer understand its value and purpose.

4. Empty rooms draw attention to flaws

Even freshly renovated homes are not perfect, believe me, I've staged a few! Adding furniture and decor to rooms help to draw the eye away from imperfections and shortcomings.  Even a small crack in the plaster will jump out in an empty room and lead a buyer to question the condition of the rest of the home, but with something else to draw the eye into, these things can often go unnoticed. (Under Florida law all defects must be disclosed to buyers)